Change Readiness and Adoption Assessment

Questions to ask your people prior to go live and post go live, to enable successful change outcomes | taught by Mona Momtazian

Course description

The two assessments in this documents are to be used as part of a suite of change activities, to ensure high levels of adoption. They compliment the change team’s readiness assessments which determines if they have adequately planned for the change, as well as reviews midway and at completion to assess benefits realised

The questions in this assessment can be converted to a survey platform such as Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Typeform, Office 365 Forms or Google Forms. Ideally all anonymity of participants would be maintained, however you would set up demographic questions to understand which department/division/team someone is from, so that you know where to take action to create more positive change outcomes. 

Mona Momtazian
Mona Momtazian
Coach and Consultant

Course Curriculum

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